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About ATS

"Our opponents cut corners; we tailor them!"

Alarid Technical Solutions provides direct answers to your technology questions and exact solutions for the problems of today. We began doing business in 2014 with the goal of providing expert technical support and computer repair services to friends and family at affordable rates. From the beginning, we have believed firmly in the combination of a DIY-mentality, technical expertise, and general resourcefulness to provide the best possible solution at the lowest possible cost.

When you support ATS, you are also supporting our network of local IT and design professionals. We have no corporate sponsors, and we mostly use open-source tools and software, when we aren't writing it ourselves. ATS specializes in:

Custom-built Computers - We absolutely love to design the perfect computer for you, whatever your needs may be. Count on us to deliver you the best possible performance at the lowest possible price! Check out our Computers page for current listings and past projects. (currently out-of-date, will fix soon!) WE SPECIALIZE IN GAMING PCS!

Home and Office Network Installation - Whether you need help setting up your router, networking your printer, or even running network drops through your attic, we do it all!

Technical Support and Computer Repair - We offer top-notch support services at competitive rates. No job too small! We delight in solving your unusual problems! Prompt dispatch to your home or business. Remote service also available to Windows 10 and 11 clients.

Currently, Alarid Technical Solutions is supported primarily by Michael Coultas, chief technician, and Ryon Alarid, owner and network specialist. We also support and are supported by a variety of other helpful persons and organizations - much thanks to you, Dan O'Donnell!

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The First ATS Company Logo



We're in the process of deploying some new corporate servers and migrating to an up-to-date version of Dolibarr. As a result of this process, many of our custom php scripts will remain broken until they can be updated to work with the new system.


Happy New Year! We're undertaking a long-needed corporate infrastructure upgrade project which may result in some downtime over the next two weeks. Please bear with us. Exciting things to come.


Due to an excess of work around the holidays, unfortunately work on the storefront has temporarily been paused. We hope to resume work and finish the last few ends in the new year. Stand by...


Work continues on the storefront and the new site features. But first, we've got to update our server's operating system. Over the next few days, there may be some intermittance in the availability of this website.


Yet another round of site updates - this time stylistic! We've added a lot of high resolution photos of our work to the site, and removed all stock images. Enjoy the eye candy!


Using a bit of PHP wizardry, our Tech Support Portal was upgraded to allow new clients to create their own accounts. We expect to launch our computer store in the next few weeks. We may even create a custom computer builder to allow you to create and order your own designs!


Although it's been YEARS since the last proper site update, our Payment System using Stripe integration is finally online, replacing our old PayPal system. We've also launched a public service that integrates with our internal issue tracking system, accessible at our Tech Support Portal. These are important steps towards creating a customized online storefront as mentioned on 05/05/2015. We've also made various other changes to the general navigation of our page.


It's been a while, but we finally have some refurbished laptops for you guys to check out! Please visit our Refurbished Laptops page.


The first attempt at a mobile version of is now live! You can expect better usability from mobile devices from now on.


ATS is no longer offering website design and hosting. We have elected instead to focus on what brings us the most pleasure. Alarid Technical Solutions absolutely delights in designing and building custom computers for whatever demanding applications you can dream up! We have had great success over the past two years, and look forward to many more!


Today marks one year since our website was launched. Since then, our vision of how our website was intended to be used has changed drastically, and we hope to finish enacting those changes before long. You can expect a complete overhaul of the following sections of our site: Browse Computers - we hope to institute an automated listing system that will tie into our contact system; Contact Us - we envision a fully automated contact page that will integrate with the other areas of our site. This, together with the new listing system will constitute our form of online shopping; and Online Payments - customers will be able to initiate payment on their own, and not required to receive a personalized secure link in the future.


ATS can now accept online payments using your credit card or Paypal account. We are still in the process of implementing our customer self service portal and hope to have it ready soon. For now, you can receive a personalized secure link via email from your ATS sales representative. Contact for details.


ATS will soon feature online payment options courtesy of Paypal. In the near future, you will be able to purchase computers directly from our website, pay online, and have them shipped directly to your door. We will also be able to accept credit cards at that time. This payment option also applies to our Technical Support Services.


Today, ATS was honored by Baynbridge of iPoundSounds when we were chosen to design and configure a portable recording studio for an affordable price. We delivered a custom-built, compact and powerful 3.7 Ghz dual-core computer with 4GB of RAM attached to a TASCAM US-2x2 USB Audio Interface and loaded with Pro Tools 10 and FLStudio 10. We are proud to be able to say that Baynbridge is powered by ATS hardware.


We continue to work on our own site. The hardware section (ATS note: now defunct)has been reworked and we've begun writing the support section. Check it out!


We have begun the process of implementing our 'first draft' design changes. We will be fine-tuning this design and adding content over the course of the next several weeks.


We are online! After much server configuration (and sneaking behind my ISP's back) I am proud to bring you version 1.0 of! Michael and I are hard at work updating the site's style and adding new content. Stay tuned.